for Squishito

Before you continue, may i recommend hitting play on our littol music box at the bottom right corner of the screen ;)


The ducklet is on a sunny morning stroll whistling her favourite song when she meets the handsomest squishito she's ever seen.


Squishito says he loves that tune she was just singing and asks if he can join her for a walk.The ducklet nods politely but her tail feather shakes involuntarily.


They walk for hours and talk about ducklet tunes and squishito tunes and that new possum punk band from just up the road.
Ducklet tries not to swoon too hard, but then...


Her littol tummy lets out an obnoxiously loud rumble.
Ducklet nearly dies from embarrassment.


Squishito is not phased and pulls out a sandwich from the main pocket of his invisible cargo pants. She blushes.
He offers Ducklet a slice and--uh oh....
It's cheeeeeeeeese O_o


Ducklet looks up at magical Squishito. And before he can offer the extra cheese slices he always keeps on his person



Squishito sits and waits patiently with the ducklet, worried it may have been her low blood sugar. He sets aside some cheeses with her half of the sandwich for when she wakes.

Thank you for clicking along.
I will squish you soon <3